About Us

We’ve been married since August of 2007.  We have two beautiful children.  Eliana, born in June of 2010, and Elias, born in October of 2012.  We are currently preparing to follow God’s call for our family and serve Him as Urban Missionaries in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY.

We both graduated from Nyack College; Rafael with a Bachelor’s in Pastoral Ministries and Erica with a Bachelor’s in Youth Ministries.  Rafael received a Master’s in Christian Studies from Crown College in St. Bonifacious, MN (2011) and a Masters in Professional Studies with a concentration on Church Development from Alliance Theological Seminary in Nyack, NY (2013).  Erica will receive her Masters in International Leadership Studies with a concentration in Community Development from Crown College this year (July 2014).

We have a passion to see people restored from death to life and desire to live incarnationally as we aim to be bearers of God’s kingdom.