Moving to Crown Heights – Aslan is on the Move

It is somewhat redundant and unnecessary to use the words incarnational and missional when speaking of God’s call for our lives. The two are inseparable parts of the call of discipleship.

Jesus was incarnate as He became flesh and lived among those He came to redeem. There’s a a tangible “living with” that we are invited to participate in as we live the call Jesus gave us.

“Missional” is similar. Our entire lives should be missional.

So why use them? For us, it’s a separation of how we’ve compartmentalized our lives before and what is shifting. You see, we’ve subscribed to the separated and organized way of life where ministry happens “then and there” and private life happens “somewhere else.”

The truth is that all of life is a huge opportunity for ministry and mission, and wherever we are we have the incarnation propelling us forward to live as Jesus did.

So this move for us is just that… a shift where we are merging all of our lives into one big, sometimes messy and frustrating, yet rewarding canvas where we want to live in Crown Heights, incarnationally and on mission, and simply be part of the family of God in that neighborhood.

This is one if the reasons we’ve accepted God’s call for our family to move and live in Crown Heights.

It’s a move to live incarnationally in the heart of a neighborhood that has been overlooked.

While marred with negative perceptions and stereotypes involving violence, gangs and the like, there is a hidden beauty that is waiting to sprout in this neighborhood.

“Aslan is on the MOVE.”


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