Details About Our Move to Brooklyn

Questions, Questions, and more Questions.  That’s the first reality that many who we talk to don’t realize.  There are more questions than not regarding our upcoming move.  So why are we moving?  Simple.  God said, “Go.”

I love planning and setting up details as much as the next detail-oriented-number-cruncher.  That’s why steps of faith like these are so hard, because God seldom provides the entire picture of what He is doing.  Instead, we’re left with questions… which are really an opportunity to demonstrate our trust in Him.


What We DON’T Know – Prayer Requests and Trust-Opportunities

1) Where will we live?  You got that right.  We arrive in Crown Heights in two weeks, and we don’t have a place to live.  In the “nuts-and-bolts” side, this has a lot to do with our financial situation, our credit situation, which points to the larger shift in Crown Heights in regards to what landlords are looking for.  They want impeccable credit and high income.  Sadly, many of the long-time inhabitants of Crown Heights (which are traditionally more low-income) either have to stay put, or miraculously move into another place in Crown Heights… but more often than not, they’re being forced out.  Whether intentional or not, gentrification is what’s happening. 

2) How will we survive; income?  We are not moving in response to a job opportunity or job offer.  Yes, we are partnering with a church that is launching on Easter Sunday.  However, neither of us will be on paid staff at the church.  Our desire is to eventually build up a network of support so that we can be full-time workers in the neighborhood through the church.  However, as it stands, two weeks from arriving in Crown Heights, we have no jobs.

3) Health Insurance?   This is tied somewhat to #2.  However, in this new Affordable Care Act season in our country, it is likely that we’ll find ourselves applying for relief, at least for our kids.


Now… Here’s what we DO know

God Spoke, and God is Sovereign. This is the quintessential truth that is keeping our faith grounded.  When God told us to step out and move to Crown Heights, he didn’t promise to let us know the details.  He simply said Go, and then invited us to trust Him.

Believe me… there are more than enough reasons for anyone in their “human” mind to not go through with it.  It is a battle to choose faith over “common sense.” Common sense tells us to think twice or to do everything in our power to work things out.  We’ve tried.  And in big seasons like these, we find that anytime we try, our attempts are futile because God always comes through in a way that we did not look at.

So, instead, we’re trying our best to wait on Him once again.  You see, when Lazarus died, I’m sure it was not what his loved once would have considered the “best route.”  However, what Jesus was looking at was what would give Him the most glory.

Don’t second-guess God because things don’t pan out the way you want or humanly think best.  Choose faith today… choose faith every day.  Then, let’s do our best to wait and watch how God comes through.

I’m almost 33 years old… and to this day, He has NEVER let me down.


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