Waiting for…

A few days ago I needed to make a grocery stop on the way home.  I only had 3 items so I decided to go on the self check-out lane.  In all honesty, it is the single-most longest time I have spent on the self check-out lane.  It was literally 12 minutes before I was able to go up to the machine.

Now, you may ask, “Well, why didn’t you just change lanes?”  Honestly,… I don’t know… something in me decided to just wait.  It was a personal test for me, especially coming from the faster-paced “New York.”  Nevertheless, I waited… and waited… and waited…

A thought I had while waiting was, “you know, to use the self check-out lane, you should know how to use the self check-out lane.”  This isn’t the main idea of this post… but how many times do we dive into things we’re not gifted or called to do?  I’m all about being available and putting yourself out there to be used.  But there’s a specific area of passion and giftedness that you have.  Do THAT.  When you don’t, sometimes it affects others.

In that moment, the 3 people ahead of me simply were not “called” to do the self check-out thing.  It’s ok.  I still waited.  And observed.  Some behind me were so frustrated that they left cursing as they entered other non self check-out lanes.  I just stood there.

At around the 9 minute mark, I remember thinking, “Ok… this is getting out of hand now.”  But still, I stood there waiting.



We wait so much in life.  Grocery line.  Red light.  Waiting for a baby to be born.  Waiting for food to cook.  Waiting.  The thing is that, somehow, we’ve entered into the idea that waiting is an excruciating and bad thing.  So, we do everything we can to not wait.  We avoid it at all cost, cutting people off in the highway or at the checkout line to get from point A to point B fast.


We do this with God.  We face circumstances in life and, rather than engaging what God wants to do in us, we avoid the wait at all cost.


The Psalmist wrote, “In the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly…”  We need to reclaim the spirit of the wait.  Waiting is not a bad thing.  In actuality, waiting is a glorious season through which growth and development happens.


We’re accustomed to waiting because we have to wait.  The Psalmist, however, looks at it differently.  He comes to the Lord with expectation that God WILL come through on His behalf.  It is not a matter of maybe or if.


Lay your requests before Him… and wait… with EXPECTATION… Why?  Because He is Healer/Redeemer/Savior/Friend/Provider/Counselor/Lord/Coming-KING/all-you-need/JESUS!

He WILL!!!


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