Moving To Georgia

Well, if you didn’t catch it from the title of the post, we are moving to Georgia!  Finally… the news can come out… 🙂


I have accepted a call to be Assistant Pastor of LIFEGroups & Worship at Lilburn Alliance Church in Tucker, Georgia.

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I will be joining the staff at the church and join the pastor and Elders in providing pastoral care for the congregation.  I will provide leadership for LIFEGroups, with emphasis on the LIFEGroup Coaches and Leaders.  My second assignment will be to oversee and develop the music and worship ministries.  Erica and I are excited for this new season of life and ministry as God’s hand has been all over this; leading us each step of the way.


In December, Erica had a God-orchestrated conversation that began to raise the question, “God, will this season here continue for longer?”  Erica came home and we began to talk and pray about it.  Now, we were really comfortable in being here, so the intensity of our pursuit was not 100% as we didn’t have a clear sense, at that time, that our season was done.

Fast forward to March.  I had just gotten back from a trip to California.  We had still been praying about it, but remaining in the comfort of the ministry we were doing.  But, one day, the gauntlet dropped.  It was one particular Monday, and I remember that being when we kicked the prayer from a smooth coast to full-speed-ahead.  It was too significant what had happened for us not to ask God, now with more specifics.

In a manner of 4 days, it was clear to us, in some ways what God had been impressing upon our hearts all along, but that week confirmed through scripture, word, and words of wisdom.  We knew immediately that God was calling us forward.


Leaving Nyack has a lot of risk.  For our family, the way in which we have felt God challenging us to live our faith has been in the trusting in Him when we don’t know or see things in front of us.  This is the third transition we’re making as a couple and now as a family.  We liken our transitions to Abraham stepping forward in faith while he did not know where the promised land was.  That has been our story.  We have decided to trust in God in this way.


So, without knowing where we were going next, we notified Nyack College that at the end of the school year we would be transitioning out.  Perhaps more than any other time, this move had more confirmation from God on it than any other.  There was never any doubt in our mind of what God had challenged us to do.  The big concern is that, once we made notice, we began the timeline to move out.  We would effectively need to move out around the end of June as, once July 1st came, we’d both be unemployed.  Nevertheless, we took that lead of faith, trusting that God had things in control.


As they say… the rest is history.  Many more details can be stated about our journey from April when we made it official to our supervisors and now.  The journey was filled with me searching where, me seeing what worked out, a lot of self-searching and calling-style questions, and quite of bit of fear.  I think fear is natural.  We get afraid and sometimes want to doubt.  Faith is not trusting “INSTEAD” of fear… it’s trusting “IN SPITE” of it.



That’s what our journey has been… in the midst of all the uncertainty that was there, we CHOSE to trust in what God had spoken.  It was not always easy, but has been so rewarding.

In the midst of all of the resumes that I sent out, the one place we’re going to is the one place I DIDN’T seek out.  The interesting thing is that, since 2005, any ministry and/or job opportunity that both Erica and I have had have been doors opened to us that we have not sought out.  This was the same.


It has been a crazy ride. We got to the place of making this leap because we heard from God… very clearly.  I’m not saying that to spit the “spiritual card” out.  I only say that as a testament to any of you who are in a similar situation where you’re hearing God about making a step but are concerned of others would say.

Do what God is telling YOU to do.  As long as you’re following Him, no matter how crazy it might seem, and no matter how I wouldn’t dare do what you’re about to do, God told you to do it, so do it.  “Has He not commanded you to go and be courageous?”  GO!!!


We ask that you pray for us during this transition.  We are eager to get acclimated to life in the south.

Erica is excited about all the Chick Fil A’s in the area.

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 11.12.55 AM







And me… well, I’m good with some nice southern Sweet Tea.













Oh yeah… and one more thing…  Our home will be a NY Yankees and Pittsburgh Steelers home.  Just wanted to clarify that much.  🙂

Macho, on behalf of the Lara’s




One thought on “Moving To Georgia

  1. Debbie

    Thank you for sharing this. It blesses me…even from the distance that I observe you and your family. It doesn’t matter how well or how closely you connect with people. You will know them by their fruit the Word tells us. It’s clear that fruit is budding in your lives. I rejoice with you, Erica and your beautiful babies. Be blessed and a blessing…and as a wise woman told me, ” Keep your armor on!”–Debbie


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