by Rafael Lara, Worship Ministries Coordinator


“Do not cast me from your presence or take your Holy Spirit from me.” – Psalm 51:11


I was putting our 5-month old son to sleep last night.  Normally, this consists of the diaper change, the “bobo” (Spanish slang/word for pacifier), and his little teddy.  I lay him down in his crib and he usually goes to sleep.  However, he has been “off” for the past day or so.  We believe it has to do with the likelihood that he’s teething.  More drool, congestion because of that, pain in gums that goes away with Baby Oragel… all the signs are there.  He was not himself.  The discomfort of what he been going through has piled up and boiled over to a point where he has not been able to put himself to sleep as easily.

I made several trips back to the room to reposition him.  I would put his bobo back into his mouth and bring the teddy bear [which he had since flung to the other side of the crib] back to his side.  Nothing worked.  Until I placed my hands close enough for him to grab me.  That. Changed. Everything.

I learned from my son that, in the midst of his pain and discomfort, all he desperately desired was to be close to his father… to feel his daddy’s embrace… to know I was there.

His circumstances didn’t change.  He’s still teething.  He’s still cranky because he’s overly tired.  He’s still overheated from the tossing and turning.  But the one thing that was different is that he felt his father.

That’s really what it’s all about.  In the midst of our pain and discomfort… in the midst of all the hurt we have… in the midst of our emotions… all we really need is to feel God close to us.

The Psalmist knew this.  Nothing else mattered.  God, do whatever you want… but don’t cast me away from your presence… don’t create a space between you and me.  Stay close to me.

what now?

God is close… whether in moments when we easily see, or quickly lose sight of… He’s there…. and many times He’s there in ways that should have been easy for us to see… had we not been distracted.  Today,… grab your journal, and write down, just in the last week, 5 different ways you knew God was there.  You might need to go into a quiet room.  Turn off the phone.  Stop the music.  Just you and God…. because He’s close… and he wants you as desperately as you want Him.


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