What Are You Running From?

I was sharing with a student today who confided that he was wrestling with a particular issue. Regardless of what the issue was, we can all probably relate. We all wrestle/struggle with SOMEthing. Lust, Anger, Sexual Sin, Addictions, Pride, Self Hatred, etc. Pick your poison.

I simply asked if he believed God could bring freedom to him as well. He paused.

Theologically, yes… We can all mostly believe that God can bring freedom into an area of struggle. But do we think he can do it for US? … For ME? …

Paul wrestled with a thorn in his side. He pleaded with God to take it away. He was tired of it. But rather than answering Paul’s response, he changes the game altogether. He tells Paul [paraphrase mines], “No, I won’t take it away, for I’ll be God in the midst of it.” (2 Corinthians 12:9).

I’ve tried to wrap myself around why God did this. Perhaps it was to teach Paul that He was not as concerned with the Behavior as he was with Paul’s heart.

I told the student that God doesn’t care first about his actions. He is more concerned with his heart.

You see, all of these “addictions” that we run to (i.e. sex, food, drugs, workaholism, perfection, sports, etc.) are really just ways to mask the pain. Whether you realize it and admit it or not, we run to those things because we’re running from something else.

Do you believe God can bring freedom and healing, even to you? He does.

Rather than growing frustrated with your inability to stop yourself from running TO those things, stop and ask yourself what you’re running FROM. This is likely where God wants to begin.


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