Love Freely, Sacrifice Willingly, Commit Unreservedly.

I had a great conversation during lunch today with a student (Rodolfo).  He was sharing something that’s been stirring in him that he’d been processing from a teaching he’d heard.  It was surrounded the phrase “I Love You.”

This is a phrase thrown around far too often yet misunderstood nearly just as often.  We live in a generation that “loves” freely.  But is it really love?  Rodolfo brought back the scripture “God is love” (1 John 4:8).  So, if God is loves, the premise is that true love would mean “I God You.”

At first you can easily see how grammatically it seems as though I’m insinuating worshiping the person whom you “love.”  This is not where I’m headed.

Love is not a noun.  Love is an action.  And if God is love, what greater example for true love do we have than Him?

That he would willingly lay His life down and sacrifice himself.

Isn’t that what love truly is?  Love should cost you something.  I believe it’s what God intended for love.


Love Freely… Sacrifice Willingly… Commit Unreservedly


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