Praying for “More Time” in the Day

Many of you have been there. The phrase you’ve uttered has been something like, “Man! If the day had 2 extra hours, I’d be able to accomplish what I want to accomplish.”

I’ve been there, and in many ways still am there. I hope I had more time so I could exercise. I wish I had more time so I could engage ministry more. I want to dedicate more time to this… or that… or the other thing… but I don’t have enough time right now.

Part of that battle for me, currently, lies in the realm of vocation/ministry/job. I want to engage ministry more, which I think is a good thing. However, if I stop to think and an honest with myself, I’ll probably agree and admit that many times I subconsciously think that this “more time” desire means that I either need more hours in the day or that I need a new job so I can dedicate my time solely to those things I want to dedicate to.

This is not new, and it’s not likely that reading this blog will necessarily shift that reality. However, I’m wrestling with something this morning.

I’m asking for more… but what am I doing with what I already have?

Am I being a good steward of the time and resources that God has placed in my care?

Probably not.

Maybe we’re looking at it wrong.

Maybe we shouldn’t worry about wanting more time, but seeking to use the time we have more effectively.


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