It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane. It’s Super Christian. Wait, no, it’s just Tim Tebow.

Tebow is not…
Contrary to how people might make Tebow out to be, he I not the son of God or God’s Golden Child.

He’s a guy… A Christian one, yes… one who shares his faith without shame, but in the end, he’s just a guy.

Not Ghandi.

Not a brain surgeon…
Just a guy.

Jesus Loves You… Even if You Don’t Love Tebow

Believe it or not, Jesus loves all football fans. Even more, his love does not depend on who you root for, and you won’t get special treatment if you root for Tim Tebow.

Somewhere along the line, Tim Tebow has become the poster-child for Christian Athletes… and in my opinion (yes, OPINION, not fact), it has gotten a little out of hand at times.

On the skill level
The guy is good… at times, he has even played great. He has pulled from behind to win several times this season, and in the AFC Playoff Game against (my team) the Pittsburgh Steelers, Tim Tebow and company started the game swinging and they did not let down. They played a phenomenal game, and it was capped by a remarkable 80-yard touchdown as the first play of overtime.

On a character-side
Let’s face it… I don’t know Tim Tebow. I only know what is reported of him via media outlets and others who know him. What I can see is that the “Jesus-freak” persona that comes across in the media is true in the sense that Tim really does live “Jesus” and have “Jesus” as a part of his daily life.

He is unashamedly standing up for his faith in Jesus. Additionally, while he is very skilled, he does not come across in the least bit as a “glory-hog.” Instead, he humbly reminds himself and those around him that it is only because of Jesus that he is there.

At times, the media has portrayed this in a negative light, provoking humor such as the SNL Jesus/Tebow skit.

I think that Tim Tebow demonstrates the courage that many of us should have when standing firm in our faith in a world that is growing increasingly anti-Christian and anti-God.

Super Christian
It’s almost as if the world has created this persona,… call it, “Super Christian.” This is the person we all want to be like. This is the way every Christian should act when given these opportunities. And his name is… “Tim Tebow.”

We’re Talking About Two Different Things
I decided to make a blog because, 140-characters on Twitter of Facebook don’t portray the full intent of my thoughts… and apparently, the topic of “Tim Tebow” was a sensitive topic and my thoughts got taken out of context.

We’re talking about two things. You see… all that I wrote in the beginning… about his skill, and character… I believe all of it.

But why do I have to necessarily root for the guy? He’s Christian, so I have to root for him to win, because God is elevating him? Or because I’M Christian, I can only profess my admiration of another Christian, such as Tim Tebow, who’s an athlete?

Separate the things ABOUT him that you like… from the actual person. Sometimes people make him seem like the 2nd Jesus or something (not literally, but the way people write and talk about him, it’s a little overboard).

It’s Not THAT Serious
It isn’t… honestly. I like the guy, what he stands for, and how he stands for it… and I’ll get behind those things.

I can respect him… but I don’t have to be his fan. I can admire what he does… but I don’t have to be all “Woo Hoo Tebow” about it.

And in the end… my stance on Tebow doesn’t make me any better or worse of a Christian.

But I’m still a Steeler fan… and yes, we got Tebowed.


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