“Turning Water into Wine” – Signs and Wonders, or Cheap Imitations of God’s Power?

I am writing a post because I am somewhat troubled by a video that I came across online a few days ago.  On this video, the preacher (during the ministry time) ‘turns water into wine.’  Now, it’s all under the mask that it is God that’s doing the miracle, but nevertheless, it serves to exalt how God ‘uses’ this particular minister.  His name is Diony Baez (I say that because you’ll find out with the video anyways).  The video is below (in Spanish).

I have watched this and several others that have been recorded of him doing this, and try as I try, in the end I am still left with the same question: “Where’s the trick?”

I have seen this preacher in person.  It was about 10 or so years ago, and he came to preach/minister at the church I was attending at the time.  Part of what was promoted was that he was the minister that God used to use gold fillings on people that had cavities.  Back then I was questioning this person.  Gold fillings?  With cross symbols?  Doesn’t God have the power to give them all new teeth?  And you’re pawning gold fillings off as God’s power?

Maybe I was being skeptical… but for an entire ministry to be based on, essentially, a “band-aid on a wound”, well, why not just pay for them to go to a dentist?  It’s essentially the same thing, right?  What’s the use of God doing something ordinary?  I expect him to do the extraordinary, like new teeth, or straightening teeth that needed braces.

But I hadn’t seen this guy in years.  Maybe the hype faded.  Gold fillings had run their course.  Maybe people caught onto it.  What now… got it… “WATER INTO WINE.”

If you haven’t caught the obvious, I’m not buyin’ what he’s selling.  Why?  It comes across as some cheap imitation of the power of God.

I’m not saying he’s leading people astray.  I have no doubt that he knows the saving power of Christ.  Nevertheless, it just seems as somewhere along his journey the lines got blurred.  Maybe “Jesus saves” wasn’t enough to get him invited to preach in other places.  Perhaps he needed some additional signs and wonders.

After watching that… in your spirit… what do you feel?  Thoughts?


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