Confession. I don’t like reading

Not that I don’t like reading at all… just entire books or lengthy materials. It’s one of the areas I struggled with the most during school.

I hated that I had no desire to read a lot. I wished to have that ability to pickup a book and finish it in two days. I would start books, but inevitably fail and comprehensively and effectively reading everything well.

I have been praying about this lately, as I know there is great knowledge you can get from reading. I want to read more scriptures. I want to read more books.

Last night, I finished the first non-stop book I’ve read in nearly three years (not in one-sitting, but straight through over a short period of time). I read Francis Chan’s Crazy Love in about a week and a half.

To some of you this is nothing. But for me, this is huge… and I wanted to celebrate it.

I’ve moved onto Forgotten God and will pickup Ragamuffin Gospel afterwards.

Likewise, I’m attempting to read more scripture intently and not just happenstance.

Pray with me that this desire to read continues and grows. I really want to learn to be diligent in this.



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