Is this really “Love?”


I’ve been reading through Francis Chan’s Book Crazy Love lately. I have been challenged to question the depth of my love for God.

As Christians, saying we love God is something of a token phrase that we say sometimes because we’ve said it so much and less because we’re entering into the meaning of the words themselves. We throw ‘love’ around so much that the essence of it has become lost to us. We are called to love God and love people… but do we do either?

I find myself starting to identify the things in life that I truly love. Not just what I say I love (God, family, etc)… but the things that consume my time day in and day out… those are the things in life that we actually love.

They don’t have to be ‘bad.’ You can love TV. Maybe it’s surfing the web, or talking with friends. Maybe it’s music or a sport.

But in the end… isn’t anything that’s not loving God what we don’t want? Aren’t we called to love Him and others, and that these are the greatest commands?


Is what we’re currently offering the Creator of Heaven and Earth really love? Or is it simply some left-over, washed-down excuse to justifying our own lives of self-indulgence?


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