Medicine, Self-Medicating, and the Pursuit of the Healer

So for about 2 weeks, I’ve had this bug. You know, the”itchy-scratchy-can’t-swallow” stuff that just lingers. It started as post-nasal drip. That led to heavier mucus buildup, which led to flu-like body aches, more sore throat and difficulty swallowing, and… well, the cycle. That was two weeks ago.


I began doing what we tend to do… self-medicate with a playgoers of over-the-counter medications and, yes, “Emergen-C” vitamin C.

After 2 weeks, I asked a good friend who’s a doctor if there’s another OTC medication I should take (because the ones I was already taking worked sssoooo well.

He said, “Macho… It’s been more than a week and you’re not getting better. Go and see a doctor.”

Buckets!!! (inside phrase… I’ll explain it another time).

I reluctantly agree that it was best. I immediately thought how similar my journey to finally see a doctor was to when we face stuff in our lives.

We tend to try and medicate our situations with any crappy over-the-counter medicine; all the while thinking we have it under control and we know what we’re doing.

Inevitably, we realize (sometimes after 2 weeks of uncomfortable living) that there’s some deeper sickness and crud that you can’t take care of on your own. What are you gonna’ do?

You can either continue to ignore what you’re dealing with and keep living life, self-medicating with anything that will fill your deep emotional and spiritual longing and emptiness with what can only be seen as a short-lived 12-hour-effect dose of CRAP.

Enough. Go to the Healer of your life. Allow HIM to Heal and take out the pain and suffering.

Don’t sell out and give into temporary things. Let’s run to Him.

I’ll admit… I love control… So running to Him is a challenge to relinquish my ‘self.’. But it’s something He’s calling us all to do.

Let’s not self-medicate. Let’s run to Him.


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