Review/Notes of National Worship Leader’s Conference – #nwlc11

I’d like to start by saying I absolutely loved the conference as a whole, regardless of the things that were or were not my preferences. It was a great opportunity to soak, meet, and be equipped. This is just my experience. So, here goes.

I decided to do the conference choir this year. I am used to being the lead singer, and as worship leaders, I think any opportunity to experience something where your voice is NOT the lead or only voice is a good one. Let’s face it, we all face pride in our walk, whether we admit it or not. It can get to us. Doing the choir helped me worship more with a group, because it wasn’t my voice… but everyone’s.

Stan Endicott was a great director, given the small amount of time we had to work with. The choir members did a great job learning before the conference, and when we got there, it was simply marvelous to hear the corporate voices. If I go to NWLC again, I will do the choir again.

This is one of the areas NWLC excelled in. There were so many different people that they brought to minister. This is also where I have my personal preferences in regard to style of music and ‘artist.’ Please note, it was all worshipful to the Lord… in my opinion, however, it was not all corporate worship style.

It’s just semantics. I guess a conference for worship leaders, to me, would be all about leading corporate worship. There were Devi ate high moments of this. Matt Redman… Tommy Walker… Cantos de Alabanza… Brian and Jenny Johnson… Kari Jobe… To me, these were all styled as corporate worship from start to finish, I felt lime I was in church. I could be lost in His presence while Jenny Johnson sang, “God I Look to You” and shout my praises with Tommy Walker’s “All the Saints Join In.”

The others were still worshipful. I felt the presence of the Lord as they sang. But to me, it was not corporate worship in the sense of a church worship gathering, which is what most of us there are consistently engaged in. An example would be Gungor band. I’ll preface this by ,among a declaration. I do not think I have ever, EVER personally witnessed or experienced the musicianship that I did with Gungor. It was beyond me. It was artistic… it was creative… it was amazing… but it was more a concert where we were able to worship, rather than a time to worship that happened to sound THAT good.

There’s a difference to me in the two.

Again, great… just personal preferences.

I did like the diversity that was presented during the week.

Man, the Cantos de Alabanza Worship Tram with Phil Sillas… that was off the chain. I cried hearing everyone sing in Spanish.

This is where I was initially fed each day. I think it was all worshipful in nature. I enjoyed the speakers, and even the tid-bits and nuggets of reflection both in morning and evening sessions during the transitional times.

Can’t complain. There was something for everyone, and offering a discount to catch missed workshops, it was nice.

I think, however, that attendees should have 1-time access to all workshops. I know some might try to cheat the system, but when you (not me, as I came free as a winner), but when others pay that much for registration, can’t enter a workshop because it’s full, and then have to pay more when they get home because it was full,… I don’t know… might be a little much.

In any event, they did great in attempting to offer workshops multiple times. I, personally, went to all the sessions I wanted to attend.

It was a great place to be. I’d argue, however, that changing the venue might be beneficial from time to time. Its great for locals as they’re right there. It’d be nice to change venues to different coasts every once in a while.

Again… I loved it. More could be said, but it’d take more time to type it, lol. If you’re able to attend, do so. It’s something great to invest doing, even once. You’ll have great time away, experience great times if worship, be fed and equipped, and come back rejuvenated for the work at hand.


One thought on “Review/Notes of National Worship Leader’s Conference – #nwlc11

  1. Dave

    Appreciated your response to the #NWLC. I really enjoyed the conference myself, and for the most part agree with all your thoughts! I definitely would like to see registration for workshops happen in advance, as it’s almost a little chaotic to rush to a workshop with the hope to get in. I personally made it in every workshop I wanted, but I saw the door closed on many during the week. I was bummed for them!

    The sessions were definitely the highlight for me. While I loved the workshops, I almost wished we had one more session a day! The evening worship times were great too, but I was really wore out from the experience of the day and the heat of Kansas City, so I had a hard time personally connecting in the evening concerts. In all honesty – the only one my wife and I stayed the whole night for was Monday. We were just so overloaded and wore out that we left early each night.

    Overall though it was an amazing week, and I can’t wait for next year. Maybe in a few years they will host in in Minneapolis – much cooler during the summer!

    Dave Herring


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