To be the change, or to be the changed.

Question.  Are you a leader, or a follower?

It’s a simple question that carries endless implications.  Normally, we’re presented this question as it relates to team dynamics.  Would we lead a team of peers well, or are we better suited to follow and play a role (vital, at that) on the team?

But where else does this question repeat itself?

I think that we have the opportunity to be a leader or a follower in many different ways, many of which have little to do with the actual act of leading or following while in close proximity with others.

It’s a similar dynamic to fight-of-flight.  What will we do in the heat of the moment?  When it’s time to make a choice, what will it be?

Will you step out and lead… will you be the change… or will you just sit and follow, and be the changed?

Sometimes, it’s ok to be the changed.  For me, this applies to my interactions with God.  Those interactions are best left to the “be the changed” side of things.  God tends to know best.

But when we’re living our daily lives in the midst of a broken world… what then?  I would argue that we don’t become the change the world needs as often as we should.  Instead of influencing this world, we’re influenced by it.

We’re supposed to be “salt”… and “light” on this earth.  Instead, what the word gets from us is a dimmed, flavorless form a Christianity that conforms to whatever is around it.

So I ask… are you a leader, or a follower?

I think God calls us, in respect to the world, to be leaders.  The violent taketh by FORCE.  We’re not supposed to just sit back and allow the world to influence us as we simply watch.

Let’s go and give flavor… let’s go light up our communities with the love of Christ.

Don’t just be the changed.



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