Becoming the Dream


I really like this remote control. It controls a few electronic devices around my TV/Entertainment area. It controls my TV, my BluRay player, my Cable Box, and my Bose Cinemate Sound System. If you’re anything like me, you’d like this control also. While it’s not as fancy as those expensive-as-what universal controls that are like $100, it still does the trick. I can control what I need to control.

Control seems to be something that all (ok, maybe most) of us enjoy having. We like being in command of the outcome of … whatever the “thing” is. We control our TV… we control our game systems… we control our phones… we control our cars (and when we’re passengers, we sometimes respond to things others do as THEY control and not us). We are control freaks, whether we care to realize it or not.

The issue comes when we do not have control of something, or better yet, are asked to relinquish control of something.

There’s a constant tension in relinquishing control and the title of this post, “Becoming the Dream.” What are your dreams?

Dreams come in many forms. When I was growing up, I had vivid dreams that I was Superman ( my favorite superhero). There are those dreams that are potentially attainable, like, I have a dream of being a doctor. Some of these dreams change with time, as desires morph and you learn the things that really make you unique. Then there are dreams that you really, really, REALLY want to achieve. You set your entire life up so that your dreams become reality.

You get the right job… you go to the right school… you live in the right city… all so that the dreams you have will come to pass.

Then… IT happens… everything comes crashing down, and your dream(s)… well, not gonna’ happen. Maybe not ever, maybe not for now… but either way, your best-laid plans just got thrown into the crapper. And it SUCKS.

What happens as a result of this is crucial. For many of us (me included), we get so frustrated with things that we see it best if we simply stop dreaming. At least that way, we will not be disappointed when our dreams don’t come true.

That’s not the point though. We’re missing out on the reason we were frustrated to begin with.

I don’t think it’s because our dreams didn’t come true… I think it’s because we were not able to control the outcome… we were not in control, and that got at the core of who we were.

Last night, during a lecture at Personal Spiritual Formation class, Ron led us through an exercise in journaling, whereby we quiet ourselves and remove distractions and write as if God were speaking truth to us.

It wasn’t as simple as, “I love you, I’m God, you’re gonna’ be rich.” It wasn’t writing what you wanted to write, it was creating space so that through the writing God could speak to you.

It’s amazing what God can say when you remove the distractions.

In the midst of all the things I wrote, I remember one.

“I want you to dream… I want you to have visions.”

It’s interesting that He did not tell me to go and do something. Even as I write now, I’m realizing something. The point is not for me to make things happen. The point is for me to dream and have visions.

I’ve gotten so wrapped up in the “T’s” and the “I’s”, and been frustrated when things do not go my way, that I have forgotten what it was like to dream… or better yet, I decided not to dream anymore.

Last night, God called me out to dream again.


So… what’s the whole “Becoming the Dream” part? Well… that’s the beauty… I don’t have to “DO” the part of becoming the dream. I think I just dream and let God do.

Still figuring this out and how it applies to me.



One thought on “Becoming the Dream

  1. Nicolle Brazil

    Very well said! I can relate you all you shared. He is making dreams come true that I didn’t even know I had. Through the dreaming and the hoping for them to come true, God builds this wonderful faith. It’s the BELIEF in the dream that is key for me. That I BELIEVE He can do it, even if it doesn’t happen. So each new dream or continued dream is still a step towards faith! My 11 year-old son Isaiah got his report card last week. A couple of the teachers wrote that he needs to pay better attention (he’s a boy and 11 so, no big deal to me really). When I asked him why he wasn’t able to pay attention, he told me that he can’t stop daydreaming about all the other stuff he could be doing instead of sitting in that boring classroom in that chair.(LOL) And he shared all his 11 year old dreams with me. It was awesome. We have to be like 11 year old sometimes, dreaming with no cares! Thanks for sharing.


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