Now What?

I wanted to share some of my recent happenings. It has been quite some time since I wrote more often. I find that there are many things pre-child that I did more often. These days are filled with care taking of a now 9 month old. It’s certainly enjoyable, but not a stranger to stresses and frustrations.

I recently completed my coursework for my Master’s degree. I had been going to Crown College since January of 2009. I began studying towards my Masters of Arts in Christian Studies. It fit well within the more sporadic nature of the schedule I had while working at my previous church. This fit well, and I went with it.

Well, I just finished. Two years later, I have a Master’s degree… but while this was received with much excitement and a sense of accomplishment, there is an inevitable feeling that has risen in the days immediately following receiving said diploma.

What Now?

You see, I am “content” with what I am doing… or better yet, what some would argue I “get” to do. I work from home as an administrative assistant for a small business… a plumbing business. The work itself is easy, and being that I am very computer savvy, there are times in which I sit around literally looking for things to do.

The tremendous blessing of this job is that my boss lets me work from home while I take care of our daughter… which means, no daycare costs. However, while I enjoy it, I have come to realize that doing this without much of a break at the same time is not what I would consider life-giving to me. There are things we do that are monotonous and dragging. There are other things that, while challenging, stir in us a continuous desire to do more… you know, the things that do not feel like work or tasks.

I think my sentiment would be different if I was simply not working. I live in NY, and we got bills, so that scenario is not gonna’ fly, lol.

And while I enjoy what I am doing, having finished school I come back to that question… what now?

It’s not a question asked in complaint of what I am currently doing… but one asked in hope and seeking for what God has called me towards.

It goes beyond leading worship at church. I’d do that regardless. I love it.

I’m not sure what the “next” thing is. I am ready to find out.

So Lord, I keep going forward… to wherever you will lead me.


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