Voices of the Faithful – book review

Normally, when someone sees the name “Beth Moore” on anything, one of the first things you automatically gravitate towards is the thought that it is somehow related to women or females.  Very seldom have I (in my searching) seen Beth Moore being advertised for a conference or convention that was not specifically geared towards females.  The same is the case for books.  It was a surprise for me, then, to see her name on a daily devotional.  I was intrigued enough to choose it as a potential book to review.

There are devotionals that are a dime a dozen.  This had the potential of being one of those “just another devotional” books.  It was not.

First, it was encouraging to see that it really was not written by Beth Moore.  Whether it was a smart tactic to attract more viewers or not, it is still a good compilation of daily devotions by (mainly) missionaries.

I appreciate how each month has a specific theme to run on, and all of the daily devotions correlate with that theme.

This is the 1st of two different devotional books that are in this series (perhaps more will come out).  If you’re looking for an easy-to-read devotion, I recommend this one… Voices of the Faithful with Beth Moore.


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