Christians and the “Higher Standard?”

So lately, I have been increasingly convicted of the subtle ways I try to get “around” the rules or “bend” the laws. It seems that as humans, many have the tendency (if even slightly) to be pro-laws and pro-rules so long as it does not immediately affect them.

Take driving for instance. How many times have you seen someone doing a ‘bonehead’ move while driving, only to think “I wish a cop were here.” In hindsight, have you ever committed that same or similar ‘boneheaded’ move while driving?

In the last few months, my PERSONAL journey has been God challenging me in the area of my driving. Again, this is my personal journey. God may or may not speak the same things to you. Regardless, this post is just sharing some of these thoughts.

In New York, there is a no-cell-phone law. It’s not a secret. Everyone knows that it is illegal to talk on the cell phone while driving. However, I can easily lose track of how many drivers I see on a daily basis knowingly breaking that law.

There is a particular “no left turn” sign in the village of Nyack. It’s visible to all. However, it is also something I often see people breaking.

I drive through a 15mpg Speed Limit zone near a school. I can’t tell you how many people have been tailgating me and honking their horns so as to get me to “speed up” in spite of the 15mpg zones.

I have witnessed brothers and sisters in Christ breaking all three of those laws. But I ask. Should we as Christians be held to some sort of “Higher Standard?”

Some would say no, because it’s putting Christians within some box that immediately shuns them for doing the wrong that all humans would do. I am on the other side however.

Grace is a beautiful thing that God gave to us through Christ Jesus. Just because of it, however, we should not freely sin and have ‘grace’ as our life-line.

In a similar way (well, not SO similar, but try to connect it), as Christians, we’re called to be examples in this broken world. Sadly, there are so many “moral police” out there, that the world almost expects us to BE the example and to BE the light.

Many times people get the presumption that being the light and living right is
1) Not getting drunk
2) Not having premarital sex
3) Not doing drugs
4) etc, etc, etc

But we are called to so much more. We are called to be an example in our every day lives. What examples are we giving when we blatantly break the laws of the land? Are we somehow better-than and therefore not subject-to these laws?

I would argue that in scripture when we read the parable of the fruits (Matthew 7), these subtleties would also fall into it.

So the next time you’re driving, take a moment and see if you’re being an example of Christ, or if you’re taking advantage, hoping there are no cops around, simply to get something perhaps subconsciously we feel we “deserve.”


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