Dealing With the Hurt

It seems like the last two days have brought up their fair share of emotions. Its not a secret that life is not without pain and loss, but when you’re not expecting it, it certainly catches you off guard and provides for a good amount of hurt.

Pick your poison, if you may…

You lost your job.
You argued with your spouse.
You were in an accident.
You lost your wallet.
A friend hurt you.
Someone died.
You were late for your meeting.

Life is filled with these things that so many times leave you hurt and limping. What do you do?

You have to do something. I wouldn’t condone beating someone up, or robbing a bank, so don’t do anything crazy. But, at some point, you need a safe environment to share your emotions in.

Mines is friends and our small group. I shared today more specifics regarding what’d happened and how I really felt let down, hurt, and sad by (insert name here). They affirmed and listened and shared our pain.

Another outlet for me is the internet. While I choose to leave out any details whatsoever that could in any way be connected as, “I know what you’re talking about”, I find things like this blog, mini-blogging via Twitter, or Facebook, as opportunities for me to share who I am to others that may want to click on my profile/page/blog on any given day.

I’m far from perfect, and the day anyone believes I am is the day they’ll be tremendously let down. However, I’m on this same journey called life.

We all hurt. We all cry. We all feel.

I’ll paraphrase one of my favorite quotes from Pastor Rock (ACAC, Pittsburgh, PA). Disciples aren’t made in isolation. We need each other as we walk this journey.

So are you keeping your junk inside, or seeking out a safe place to share?

Sadly, “the church” isn’t always a safe place. We need to change this scenario.

Dr. Ron Walborn says to this, “You want a safe place? BE a safe place.”

It begins with us, striving to live in community as we all wrestle together and live in the tension.


2 thoughts on “Dealing With the Hurt

  1. Nicolle Brazil

    Very well put. Being mature is the key to realizing how to deal with life. Becoming mature is a difficult process. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ben Vos


    Thanks for posting this. I’m sure whatever you’re going through at the moment really sucks…but it says a lot about what kind of person you are that you’re using this crappy episode in your life to reach out and maybe help someone else.

    Reading this, along with your recent FB posts, has brought two things to my mind. One, whatever this is will eventually pass, and you may be going through this because soon you will need to be equipped to deal with a similar situation in someone else’s life. And two, the world needs more people like Macho Lara.

    Thanks again!


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