I was Made to Worship

Just a quick post this time.  It’s been 5 months since I’ve led worship on a weekly basis.  I have had 2 opportunities to lead worship since being on staff at ACAC (and one of those 2 was when I visited ACAC in February, lol).  It’s been a season of learning to worship without music.  It has not been an easy season, but a fulfilling one.

I attended the Northeast Worship Institute this weekend.  To make a long story short, I cannot stay seated.  I cannot remain quiet.  I have been created to worship, and in specific, to lead in the corporate expression of worship through music.  I have enjoyed (not entirely, but accepted at least) this season of not leading worship.  But it’s time to step out of the season of rest I have been in.  It’s time to step back out into the purpose God has for me.  I am going to avail myself whenever possible.  I am going to place myself in a position to be used.  No more bench-warming.  Time to step up.

I was Made to Worship.


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