Grace at a Coffeeshop

I walked into Tascha’s Coffehouse this morning, as I have been doing for about two weeks (not daily, but a few times a week).  I figure since I do not have an actual office yet and have not started working ‘full-time’, I may as well come here.  I find it an interesting plae to simply sit and do some work.  I get to drink some coffee, have a snack, do some emails, charge through some newsletter creating, and all the while watch the people come in and out.  It’s a nice, quiet place.

This morning was different.  I experienced something I seldom do in businesses.  A man in his 50’s or so entered.  While he was fully clothed, his appearance was worn down and ragged.  He stuttered when he spoke.  His words were not always coherent as he paused to think of what to say.  His name is Eddy.

The girl behind the counter knows Eddy.  “You want a coffee today, Eddy?”  She smiled at him as she continued about her business, awaiting for his response.

Today, however, Eddy did not want coffee.  Instead, he was looking for $1.75.  He mentioned he wanted it for the library, but did not specify what exactly it was for.  I thought to myself, “If he changes his mind and wants coffee, I’m going to pay for it.”  He didn’t.  He only wanted the $1.75.

The girl then walked around the counter and grabbed money from the tip jar that’s located next to the register.  “$1.75 you said, right?”

“Actually, can it be $2.00?”, Eddy replied.

“Sure thing Eddy.”  She grabbed an extra quarter and handed him the $2.00.  “Here you go Eddy.”

Eddy smiled at her and she smiled back.  I asked myself how many times Eddy has been here before.  I asked myself how many other people Eddy has encountered in his walk that have not so much as directed a word at him.

Have you seen Eddy around?  He might look old in your neighborhood.  It might be a child asking for a quarter.  It may be a single woman looking for a helping hand.  What would you do if you saw Eddy?


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