My baby daughter. Not here yet, but loved beyond words.

Today was a great day.  My in-laws were in town and helped me set up Eliana’s room (well, just Erica’s dad).  Him and I painted the entire room, put together the crip and changing table, and set up the crib with all of her bedding.  Her room looks beautiful.  I was so happy when I saw Erica walk in for the first time after we’d finished (in record time if I may add.  All of that, including painting, in less than 4 hours).

Throughout the rest of the day, I mentioned to Erica a few times in excitement, “Eliana’s room is set up.”  We’d smile at each other.  I had an airport pickup this evening.  When I got home, I asked Erica to follow me.  We went into her room again and smiled in anticipation.

Erica is asleep right now.  I wasn’t that tired, so I snuck into Eliana’s room again.  This time, I went over to her crib and leaned over the railing.  While I don’t know what she’ll look like, I pictured her laying there.  I actually leaned into the crib and pretended I was picking her up.

My baby daughter.  Not here yet, but loved beyond words.

I am excited to be a father to a girl.  I already know my life is OVER, haha.  She has me wrapped around her little fingers from now.  There is such a bond that a father and a daughter have.  I haven’t witnessed many fathers and daughters at a young age.  I can only look at one recent father and his relationship with his daughter, which to me is admirable and worth imitating.

You can tell their relationship goes beyond “dad” and “please give me.”  It is much more than the simple scolding when something bad is done by a child.  This father and daughter are friends.  You can see it when they play.  You can see it when they work and scheme together to surprise the mother/wife.  She smiles at him, and as they laugh together, I think to myself, “If I have a daughter, I want to have that kind of relationship.”  So to you, Dale and Lindy, you’ve given me much to look forward to as Eliana arrives.

My baby daughter. Not here yet, but loved beyond words.


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