When I Worship

When I worship, I would rather my heart be without words than my words be without heart. – Lamar Boschman

This quote has impacted me beyond words.  It is so meaningful and deep.  The goal with worship (in particular, the outward expression via song or words), is not necessarily the ability one has as an artist.  The ultimate goal is that you pour out everything that is in your heart to the audience of one.  HE alone is worthy of what you have.  It’s better to be left without words then to offer up a lifeless and mediocre gift.



2 thoughts on “When I Worship

  1. Nicolle Brazil

    This is a beautiful quote. That is why I love my mime worship experience and love to share it. For me not to talk is already a great challenge…LOL…miming takes away the words, but the energy of the words is now in the movement and so I have to be very expressive when miming to reflect the praise inmy heart. Thanks for posting.

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