True Fan or Fake Hater

Well, it’s that time again.  The temperatures are warming up.  The breeze is great.  The flowers are blossoming.  Baseball season has started with full swing (pun intended).  Along with this realization comes the added joys of camaraderie and sportsmanship amongst the players as well as the fans.  Well… at least a portion of the fans.

I have been a Yankee fan ever since I moved to the United States in 1987 from St. Croix, Virgin Islands.  I remember the first shirt I ever got as a gift was a “Bronx Bombers” T-Shirt.  Needless to say I no longer have that shirt.  It’s not necessarily because it wouldn’t fit, but rather because you’d probably be unable to recognize any lettering due to my consistent wearing of it.  I was immediately fascinated by baseball.  I can remember watching Randolph and Mattingly and Henderson during those early years.  The 90’s brought along the joys of O’Neil, Leyritz, Boggs, and Williams (Bernie, not necessarily Gerard, lol).  From the mid-90’s on you have some of the current players like Jeter, Posada, Pettitte, Rivera, and the skipper himself, Girardi.  However, let’s not forget those who helped and are no longer with the Yankees or baseball such as Martinez, Lowell (some BoSox fans forget he was with us first), and even Knoblauch who was clutch at times.

Those were the years.  The prime time.  And I was a fan through it all.  Additionally, I was a fan when the Red Sox won in the early 00’s, and subsequently in the [if I remember correctly] 9 years we did not make it to the championships; either via 1st or 2nd round knockoffs, or by missing it completely one year.

I enjoy a good conversation/discussion/even peaceful argument with a person who likes another team.  This is, if and when they have something good to talk about.  Two examples would be Kevin Clark (a Pittsburgh Pirates fan… yeah, I know… lol)… and Rashad Clemons (a Dodgers fan, but all around baseball fan).  Kevin, while at times annoying with all his anti-Yankee and pro-Pirates rhetoric, is someone I respect.  He knows his stuff.  He’s a fan of his team.  Likewise, Rashad (one of my closest friends) is well versed and knows his stuff.  It was probably the last summer (2009) that I hung out most with Rashad and we’d talk sports all the time.

What I don’t like and have little respect for are those who come on Facebook, Twitter, or in person, and all I hear is “Yankees Suck” or “way to buy another championship.”  It seems to me that the Yankees will either bring out the BEST or the WORST in a person.  Here’s my view.

If you are a TRUE fan of baseball (i.e., Kevin Clark), and you give me a “Yankees Suck”, then, while unfounded and untrue, I will gladly entertain the person’s comments because I know that while they haven’t seen the light, they are a true fan, and will defend their team.

However… if you can’t name 3 players on your team… or give me any formidable information on the team… and you come with some anti-Yankee mumbo-jumbo, like “Yankees Suck”, after losing 1 game as an opener, having JUST won the last Championship, … I’ll just feel sorry for you.

So… what are you… a TRUE FAN… or a FAKE HATER?


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