Wonderful Day for Pictures

Today was a beautiful day outside.  We celebrated for various reasons.  First off, it is Good Friday.  (Since I’m certain you have figured this out by now, I will not hit you with another Jesus-post to add to your million you’ve seen today).

Erica and I went out to take some Maternity Photographs.  It was perfect outside.  We had a little picnic planned that went great.  We saw many kids outside.  But more importantly, we accomplished taking the pictures.

I guess I never realized how much I’d enjoy them until AFTER I saw them myself, which was weird, because I’m actually the one that took all of these shots… yes, even the one above.  (Tripod, Digital Camera, 10-second timer, “fake” candid pose = great picture)

It was a great opportunity to make my wife feel as beautiful as she is and looks.  It’s one of the steps in the journey of our baby coming.  So, these were just 2 pictures.  If you want to see more, go on my Facebook Profile.  The album is there.


4 thoughts on “Wonderful Day for Pictures

    1. macholara Post author

      I just have a Canon Rebel (I think it’s the XS). I have 2 lenses, and I use Lightroom 2 for my editing. I’ve narrowed the list of things I want/need sooner than later.

      50 mm lens (if I were rich, f1.4 or f1.2, but I’ll settle for the f1.8)
      extra camera body to have 2 with different lenses
      1 flash unit
      this shoulder strap thing that attaches both camera bodies on each side of your body… pretty cool thing, but I forgot where I saw it, lol.

      1. Alvin Caal

        I had a rebel… great camera! I love the filter/tint thing you did with the pictures. Post production is a big part of the Fotog world. Well keep us posted on your work bro. God bless

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