NEEDED – Weekend Dog Sitter (In Our Home)

We’re in NEED!!! —  Here is the scoop.

Next weekend… April 9th – 11th, Erica and I will be at a Personal Spiritual Formation retreat with Nyack College.  We have yet to accomplish making arrangements for our dog.  Here is why we want it here.

A) dogs are creatures are habbit.  It will be a lot more successful if he is watched here.

B) eliminates having to move anything.

In return, you get to stay here for the weekend, including a place to sleep, shower, use of the apartment, and a nominal fee to be added to this.  I’m not rich, and have been unemployed for three months, so I cannot promise a lot.  But it will be something.

Maybe you need a weekend away in beautiful Rockland County, NY.  Maybe you are a student who loves dogs.  Please… Please… PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE… let me know if you’re interested, because we’re in need of getting this set in stone.


Start: Friday, April 9, anytime after 12noon, but no later than 5-ish (as the dog “Goober” will need dinner)

End: Sunday, April 11, once you wake up, take the dog out for his duties, and feed him, that’s fine.  We will be returning by 1pm-ish, so Goober will be fine alone until then.

If you’re interested, please respond ASAP.  Thanks.


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