Changes – a Lara Family Update

It has been quite some time since you have been updated on how Erica and I have been doing since we moved back to New York.  It has been a very interesting season that has brought along more personal and meaningful demonstrations of God’s providence and provision than either of us have experienced lately (He’s always moved… but certain things have more weight on them).  I feel I need to elaborate somewhat, and as I do, I pray that you’re encouraged.  It’s lengthy, but holds details about our journey we want to update you on.

Today marks my three-month anniversary of being unemployed.  Sound the kazoo’s.  Wave the banner.  It’s CELEBRATION TIME!  Ok… you might wonder why in the world I’m ok with this.  Let me say,… it has been really difficult to get here.

When we first moved, I planned out all of the necessary details as best as I could.  I am a detail-oriented person, and organization is something I thoroughly enjoy (you know… planning, crunching numbers, income/expenses… all that stuff).  My wife had a job when we moved here but I didn’t.  The only thing I had was a second interview and hopes of a job.  While it was not with a church or in a ministry role which is what I had just been in, it was a good opportunity with a growing company.  I went on the interview (which went great), but was not chosen for the position.

I was saddened for a few days, but quickly went back on track to find “another job.”  Within a week, I had two other possibilities lined up.  One was for BMW being a test driver.  That process went well.  I was chosen for a final interview and test drive (one of 6 out of almost 200 applicants).  Again, however, no fish.  The other was with a company based in NY that focuses on doing house parties for products.  The pay was great, and moreover, after three interviews, they actually said “We want to hire you.”  It has been two months, and I am still waiting for that phone call.

I went through a season of lament and grieving.  I enjoy providing for my family and planning things out well.  I was in a season of near-despair.  However… I learned quickly that God was trying to produce something in me throughout the season.  For me it was all about one thing: relinquishing control.  I am a control freak, and not being able to ‘prayerfully decide our path’ was killing me.  Not anymore.

God has been consistently faithful.  Our house in Pittsburgh is rented.  Erica is working. Our bills are being paid.  Don’t ask me exactly how the credits and debts balance… my answer is simple… “But God.”

If this demonstration of providence by way of provision isn’t enough for us to see God’s working, there is MORE.  I am currently in process with both a church and a ministry in New Jersey.  This week is the final stages of both of these, and I am set to start working with one in May and the other in June.  Here are details on that one.

I got a phone call from a colleague that knows me from Nyack.  To make a long story short, a church would soon be searching for a part-time Youth Director (with some duties in worship as well).  It’s a small church of about 45-50 members.  It has been a two-month process that culminate on Wednesday when I go to meet with the deacons (I have already met with the youth, led worship, preached, met with the pastor, and visited the church – not in that order).  Things have been proceeding well.  This would be a less-than-part-time role, facilitating the Youth Group on Friday nights, and heading the Sunday Morning classes for Youth.  There are no weekday office hours outside of the weekly meetings with the pastor.  This fits well with the second possibility.

Several weeks ago I received a job description for a role within the Alpha USA organization.  If you do not know what Alpha is, it’s a course (The Alpha Course) that runs 12-13 weeks.  It is designed as an evangelism tool to reach non-believers outside of the traditional structure of the Sunday morning church service.  They are seeking a Regional Director for the Northern New Jersey area.

As of this morning, I have culminated the interviews with them as well.  I have a final meeting over coffee on Friday to discuss details, compensation, start-date, etc.  As you can imagine, the process for this is also looking very promising.

At the end of the day… we still wait.  These things are certainly promising, and have been working hand-in-hand up to now.  The rest will have to be continued once we know what the update is.

Until then… keep moving forward and trusting that God knows what He’s doing.

Macho for the Lara’s.


4 thoughts on “Changes – a Lara Family Update

  1. Matt

    God is faithful and he will do it! He’s got awesome plans for you man. awesome that you could get a renter. Good to hear what’s going on.

    1. Nicolle Brazil

      Praise God! He is always on time! Curtis and I have been on the same journey as you. I had a job here in NY and he didn’t. We finally are renting our home back in Pittsburgh and Curtis will be working here at the University starting next week. I also learned to let God REALLY have control over our lives. So, as I am praising Him for your blessings right now, I am praising Him for ours, and those of others to come. So happy for you both, and to think of the wonderful baby arriving soon is just icing on the cake. So, CONGRATS! and may He continue to grow you as you follow HIM!

      1. macholara Post author

        Thanks. Yeah… I tried going the route of working at the same school she was in. Didn’t work for us, lol. But God had something else in mind. He always knows best.

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