On Becoming a Father

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first child, Eliana Ines Lara.  I probably can’t even begin to understand the emotions that are growing inside of me [perhaps at a faster rate than the baby is growing inside of Erica’s womb], but nevertheless, we’re ecstatic.

Lately, I have begun to notice more and more the things in life that bring out these ‘fatherly’ emotions and desires.  Whether it’s watching “16 and Pregnant” and getting the thoughts of “If she EVER”, seeing a father with his child at the store, or spending a weekend with our niece, the result is the same… I am eager to begin to experience the responsibility and joys of raising a child.

I know I will not be perfect.  I will likely disappoint myself, and her at some point.  I can only pray that through life, I can live a life of humility, vulnerability, forgiveness, and all those other things that are good and I can’t remember/list right now.

Eliana… daddy’s waiting for you.  Hurry up and get here… :-).


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