God’s Provision

It is amazing how God has been working things out during the course of the last few months.  In two days, I will have officially been unemployed for three months.  My wife and I moved back to New York after sensing God was calling us back.

I would be lying if I said I was always 100% about the move.  These doubts were not about whether God called us or not, but nevertheless, about us having made the decision and being in the current “predicament.”  Still, we stepped out in faith.

During this time, I have done my “best” to make things worked out.  I interviewed at Enterprise Rent-A-Car.  That went great, but I did not get the job.  I interviewed at another company twice, and they went as far as telling me they wanted to hire me.  I have not heard from them in two months.  I could have even been a test driver for BMW (that would have been SWEET), but no go.

I’ll admit being frustrated at times in not finding suitable employment.  Through it all, however, I kept repeating that God had something better.  It’s something I sometimes said w/out emotion, as it was “getting old.”  But I forced myself to say it.

I’ll go into details in a subsequent post… but I am here, on the verge of partnering with two different ministries in New Jersey within the next two months.  The prospects are great, and we’re praying through the journey.

So if you’re in a position where you’re trying to make things work out, and the doors just don’t seem to open for you… stop trying to open them.  You might find that God is opening a garage door right around the corner.  Just continue to trust in Him.


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